Saturday, July 9, 2016

Busy, busy

It is really too easy to slack and not write something each day. I need to get on a better schedule and in truth the next three weeks daily writing is going to be not a daily occurrence. I hope when I finally return to Athens after that, I can set a schedule and have space to achieve my goals.

Today was a busy day that wasn't as productive or successful as I had hoped, but there is likely a tomorrow to return to focus and try again. So stay tuned as this continues to progress and maybe I get used to it again.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Today I noticed....

 that I am tired of this computer and the trackpad repositioning the mouse of my computer so I end up deleting text. I don’t know why it is so difficult to PC makers to solve this problem. The trackpads on most PCs are just too sensitive to random bumps. This causes me to suffer from the pointer jumping from place to place when I type or even more annoying the zoom of the application changes as I am scrolling. This doesn’t happen on my six year old Macbook, but happens on the year old ASUS I bought for the MBA program. Seems like the PC manufacturers would have deconstructed the Macbook and work together to solve this problem, but nope. This always makes me wonder why I bought a PC to replace or supplement my old Macbook, but then I am reminded of the annoying aspects of Macbooks and wish I could have an alternative to both. 

I tried Linux before and actually tried to install it on a third notebook I own, a Lenovo Ideapad 100S, but that was an involved process and after several hours this past weekend of research and failure to change the boot menu I decided it wasn’t worth it. Although, Windows is so awful and bulky that the lag can be very frustrating.

This is another thing, I purchased the Lenovo because it was cheap and I needed a temporary notebook that held a charge while this ASUS was being fixed for the second time in a year since I bought it. So I bought the Lenovo Ideapad with Windows, in hindsight I should have bought the Chromebook version. I could run all the MSOffice Applications in the browser through Office 365 and the ChomeOS wouldn’t be so slow and terrible compared to Windows on such an underpowered machine, which is why I wanted to install Linux on it.

Why didn’t I? Well the process was complex and after reading several forum posts even after getting Linux installed on the Ideapads they have problems with WiFi, battery notifications and sound. Two of the three are rather important, but sound is a nice option to have when watching YouTube or Netflix which will happen at some point. So I am left for now with a slow Windows PC, thankfully, this Asus computer works well enough, even with the annoying trackpad that jumps around on occasion like it is the third quarter at Camp Randall.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Daily Writiing

So the real reason I am starting this back up is as a forum for daily writing practice. In that sense, it is not really designed to be anything interesting or interactive, but maybe it will be thought provoking. Everyone says-well maybe not everyone- the only way you get better at writing is by writing everyday and this is what I will attempt to do.

Now I have tried this countless times, I have had a blog on this very domain previously, I have routinely started journals to record my days events and then find myself months, haha, weeks later forgetting to do it or more often than not just plain lazy, so I skip a day and then a day becomes a week. Now some of this is a result to I often try and write these journals by hand and this is something I am not really accustomed to doing along with when I change my mind or wish to re-write sentences it just gets sloppy. Can't really delete or erase pen and white out is too much trouble. So back to the computer the device I really grew up writing on and what most writers use anyway, not that I am a writer, but much like wannabe cyclists you turn to professionals for inspiration.

 So this will be my forum for the near future, or until I get distracted and forget to update and it is back to the internet ethers......

 So why am I attempting this again? Well my writing in my opinion has become pretty abysmal and maybe a side project this final year of MBA school for me, besides looking for a job, can be used to returning my writing to a decent level and hopefully leading me to better confidence when answering the strong verbal and written communication question on every single job application.

Even though, lets be honest the question should really be- Can you send an email that doesn't make you look like a complete fool? So I am doing this for selfish reasons of course, I need all the help I can get to find a job and make some money to live. This brings me to topics, well hopefully I will find some writing exercises and these posts will not just be pure rambling but focused as a result and then I can deconstruct them and they will provide me an opportunity to publicly display an evolution of sorts. This will of course be an example of what not to do.

 So if anyone perhaps stumbles upon this post with any suggestions on this new journey, please provide me suggestions in the comments or don't....

Monday, July 4, 2016

To Start Again

To be honest, I didn't even know Google still had Blogger or if people even still use the domain for much of anything, but this site has been under my control for almost a decade now and I figure it would serve as a perfect location to be filled with random thoughts and perspectives while maybe one day growing up and leaving this strange Blogger world behind. Also, right now I lack the resources to buy an actual domain and I didn't really feel it necessary to sign up for another account on the Internet, all in due time, but for now the future. Also, Happy Independence Day from Athens, Georgia!